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As HALF RACK® began it's inception we all knew how strongly our team felt about being a major proponent of conservation and preservation of our sport. Which is why we wasted no time beginning our partnership and certification with 2% for Conservation. As the summer began to roll around we soon realized we needed to do something big for Community Conservation Day - go big or go home.

Planning commenced and we quickly decided on doing a fundraiser at our local bar, Spanky's in Waterford, WI. After working through all the details the final event plan was set: a $50 entry donation would get any event guests a custom HALF RACK® Logo Tumbler, 10 raffle tickets and free tap beer all night courtesy of our sponsor Earth Environmental. There would be silent auction and raffle prizes from sponsors such as Trophyline, NOVIX, First Lite, Exodus Trail Cameras, Mathews, ABB, Domain, HybridLight, Ozonics and more.

For our first annual event we felt blessed to have so many incredible sponsors willing to participate and help raise money for conservation efforts in Southeast Wisconsin. As the list of sponsors grew we wanted to do our best to bring some coverage to the event.

The plan was to have Glen from the Outdoor Angle Podcast and Josh Raley from the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast come out to record live at the event. With Josh and Glen we discussed the details of the event, the beginnings of HALF RACK®, deer hunting...of course and highlighted the focus of the events purpose - donate 100% of money raised to conservation and formally introduce everything HALF RACK® is and stands for to the public. 

To top off the evening we had the Wisconsin DNR come chat with our guests about key topics currently on the 'chopping block' for the state's conservation efforts - the excat place where all of the events money would be goign to aid. Helping build a more intimate connection with the folks at the DNR and the very sportsman who call Wisconsin home was value enough for the event. However, the entire night went off without a hitch.

After the smoke cleared and all was accounted for HALF RACK®, our event sponsors, Spanky's Bar and of course our incredible guests helped raise nearly $5,000 to give back to the Wisconsin DNR to aid in their conservation efforts. The event was undoubtedly a success and we're already looking forward to doing it again next year - only bigger and better. Cheers to Fine Gear, Fond Memories™ and the love of everything outdoors.


It takes a team and in this case the whole HALF RACK® Family. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event to help setup and participate for a great cause.


The first set of HALF RACK® gear was set out for everyone to see. We can't wait to see everyone prosper this season and for years to come with our gear in your hands.